We Care Bags - An Annual Project

The bags are filled with school and personal care items for children living in third world countries. The bags are woven and painted by volunteers in India and made available to CLWR who, in turn, distributes them to individual congregations.

In the fall of 2016, we received approximately 70 bags at Glory Lutheran. Our enthusiastic parishioners purchase the items for the “Learning and Living Kits” and the Community Outreach Committee packages the shipment for return to CLWR.

The boxes of We Care Bags are shipped free of charge to the CLWR office in Winnipeg by Home Hardware. The $5.00 that is included with each bag is used to assist CLWR in shipping the bags to a third world country.

For further information about this worthwhile project please contact the Community Outreach Committee by calling the church office at 780.416.9594.