"Sock It To Us..." - Socks for the Inner City!

You are invited to continue bringing socks to the church for distribution to the homeless, the working poor, and families in women’s shelters. While we may think that warm socks are only essential during the winter months, it is also true that work socks and sport socks are needed during the summer and fall as well. Many of the homeless and working poor need socks on a regular basis since they do not have facilities for washing their clothes. Changing socks on a regular basis is essential for maintaining healthy feet. So thanks for keeping the socks coming!

Please remember these people and bring in Sport or Work socks, no dress socks and the Community Outreach Committee will deliver these socks to the inner city about every two weeks. There will be a laundry basket in the church every Sunday for you to place your donated socks into.

Here is an opportunity to "SOCK IT TO THE COMMITTEE" and make a simple, but real difference in the daily lives of the less fortunate and we thank you very much.