A Small Historical Glimpse Of The Land Site


As we visualize Glory Lutheran Church situated on the land we purchased, Reaching Out… to our community, it is interesting to note that 40 years ago in 1967 Bremner Church, situated on the same property, closed its doors.

“Back in the 1890’s when the west was drawing people from the east, Clover Bar already had many young settlers with the need for schools and churches. Clover Bar had its little red schoolhouse but residents also wanted a Sunday School and church. In 1898-99 the Clover Bar church was built across from the school on the W.F. Wilkinson place with an extra acre set aside at the rear for a cemetery.” The Clover Bar Cemetery still exists today on the North side of the Yellowhead Highway between Range Road 232 and 233. “The church continued to be the center of community life until 1923 when the church was moved to Clover Bar Village to serve the coal miners moving into the area. The members to the east, with a long distance to travel on dirt roads and through snow, decided to build their own on the Bremner corner and moved the brick school across from the cemetery for this purpose.” Bremner corner includes the Glory Lutheran property site.

“In 1956 the Clover Bar and Bremner churches jointly formed a Scout and Cub group. The Clover Bar – Bremner Scout group became a member of the Edmonton District Council. They contributed towards the Edmonton Headquarters and towards establishing of Skeleton Lake Scout Camp. The group also sponsored an annual Father – Son Banquet held in the churches and a Baden-Powell church parade. The boys took several camp trips to Skeleton Lake, the mountains and local camps. Swimming and marksmanship were also some of the other activities. The Scout group disbanded when the churches closed in 1970.” A member of our congregation was a Cub and Scout in the group from 1956 to 1960.

“Both churches were flourishing until highways, industry, larger farms and a changing population caused Bremner church to close in 1967. With further highway encroachments the Clover Bar church was closed in May 1970 following its 70th Anniversary of active service. The building was torn down to make way for the Clover Leaf of the new highway.” One of Glory’s congregation members accepted the task of dismantling the church and used some of the lumber from the church to build their home.

Is it a coincidence that a church on the same property will again serve the local community? God works in mysterious ways!

With Thanksgiving,

The Cub and Scout

Quotations used were taken from the book “Cherished Memories – Compiled by Ardrossan Women of Unifarm, 1972. We give thanks that members of our community preserved this moment in time.