At our 2007 National Convention, the ELCIC made a commitment to practice our stewardship of creation. As members of the ELCIC we are a people called to be In Mission for Others . Increasingly, it is becoming clear that the "others" that we are to care for must include God’s creation. We are learning that Christ’s command to love one another, and to care for the “least of these” must now include all of creation. We are remembering what the early Church knew, that Christ came to redeem all of creation. So, as a church, we commit our selves to practice our Stewardship of Creation.

January 2011 our certification by the National Church has been renewed in recognition of continuing efforts to reduce our footprint.

Some of our strategies at Glory include:

1.  The new facility entrance mats are made of recycled rubber tires.

2.  Construction of our new facility included features designed to minimize our impact on the environment (e.g. lighting, electronic thermostats,

low flush toilets, electronic controlled faucets, double entrance doors, better insulation etc.)


3.  Replacing styrofoam coffee and plastic refreshment cups with paper cups made from recycleable paper.

4.  Encouraging the use of efficient light bulbs.

5.  Collecting used clothing, eyeglasses and stamps for those who can use them.

6.  Collecting used denim for making quilts for those in need.

7.  Recycling all computer printer cartridges.

8.  Sorting and recycling all paper and cardboard.


9.  Reducing the amount of document printing.

10.  Roadside clean-up within Strathcona County.


11.  Planting trees - seedlings will be distributed on Arbour day - April 27.

12.  Providing tips in the Sunday Bulletin to raise environmental awareness.

For example - Tips to reduce plastic bag use:

- buy cloth shopping bags available at most grocery stores

- Place fruit and veggies directly into your basket

- Avoid double bagging - if an item already has a handle do not put it in another bag

-  Ask the store for produce boxes that you can reuse and recycle.

13. Children's message during the Worship Service to raise environmental awareness.

14.  Collecting used soap from hotel guest rooms for remaking into bars and shipping to Canadian Lutheran World Relief.