Glory Well Project - Great News! Three Wells Provided!

And we are on our way to sponsoring one more!!

Imagine life where there isn’t a convenient, reliable and safe source of drinking water!

Many people die of infectious diseases like dysentery, cholera, and typhoid each year.

Families spend hours every day hauling water.  For example, until recently, people in a

village in Mozambique had to walk an hourto get water from the nearest stream. Women

and older children carried thewater in 20 litre containers. In case you are wondering that’s

over 45 pounds!

We, at Glory Lutheran wanted to change that, so we decided to reach out to families

by working with Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) to fund the cost of building

water wells nearer to these villages.

Glory Lutheran has collected funds enabling CLWR to build three wells in Zimbabwe

and we are hard at work fundraising for a fourth well.

Please designate your contributions to CLWR GLORY WELL.