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The joy and comfort of being part of this  community of faith is experiencing God’s love and the caring presence of each other. As we experience the stress and challenge of daily life supportive care is provided. You are welcome to become part of this community of care.








Sunday Worship Service @ 10:30 a.m.

Caring for Each Other

Congregation Ministries
Community Support
Community Services
Pastoral Care Emergency Services - Call 911 Addiction Services
Glory 50 Plus Crisis Services

Congregational Life

Information Services - Call 211


Family Services
Men's Ministry Seniors Services
Prayer Chain

Strathcona County

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Women's Ministry   Strathcona County Library



Womenís Ministry

Our mission is to enable and equip women to love and serve God. Glory Lutheran Church provides opportunities for women to become involved in fellowship and service while growing in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. Some of the opportunities include:  

For further information please contact the Church Office.

Menís Ministry

This ministry provides opportunities for men from all backgrounds and ages to discover how God wants us to live and develop into men of God who in turn will influence their world for Christ. Some of the opportunities include:

For further information please contact the Church Office.

Congregational Life

As a Lutheran community of faith we value and actively strive to create a family environment where people in loving and caring relationships experience a sense of unity, affirmation, encouragement, support and security. Our goal is for our beliefs, values, attitudes and actions to permeate throughout every aspect of our church life. We welcome members, non-members and visitors alike to come and experience the joy of being in relationship with our family and the Body of Christ. Consider attending and/or participating in:

  • Worship
  • The Congregational Picnic
  • The Congregational Advent Banquet
  • Arbor Day
  • Mothers, Fathers & Grandparents Celebration
  • Prayer Walk
  • Mission Initiatives
For further information please contact the Church Office.



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