Purpose Statement

Glory Lutheran Church is a congregation of followers of Jesus Christ.  We endeavor as a family of believers to carry out our purpose and mission in a way that glorifies the Father and uplifts and supports each other in prayer and loving community.

The purpose of Glory Lutheran Church is to glorify God by following and sharing God's Word as a loving community.


Guiding Principles

How do we, as a congregation of believers, commit to living out our beliefs together?

Through the following principles, founded on the teachings of Scripture, we live out our beliefs and carry out our mission.

1. Recognizing that all of our worship, learning, witnessing, service, and support is in response to God's freely given gift of grace, as individuals and as a congregation, we offer back our lives in faithful, prayerful, and joyful response.

2. Worship: As the Triune God meets us in worship through the Word and Sacraments, we respond through a blended celebration of the diverse gifts and worship styles of our members.

3. Learning: Recognizing that God is revealed to us through the Holy Scriptures and that we are saved by grace through our faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus, we provide opportunities to members of all ages for instruction in the scriptures and Lutheran Confessions so that they may grow in their faith and knowledge.

4. Witness: In response to God's gracious love for us, and by letting the light of Christ shine through us, we share God's Word, love, and message of salvation, with the wider community and the world. We welcome with joy and thanksgiving all who are led to this congregation.

5. Service: Acknowledging that Christ came to us as God's humble servant and that we are all equally humbled at the foot of the cross, we seek to put others before ourselves in joyful service to our fellow members and our neighbors.

6. Support: In faithfulness to God's desire that we live in love and harmony, we embrace the values of honesty, accountability, transparency, forgiveness, and respect for one another in every aspect of our organizational structure and congregational relationships.



What We Believe

We affirm the historic teachings of the Christian faith as taught in the Holy Scriptures, and summarized in the Lutheran Confessions that were formulated during and after the lifetime of Martin Luther.




At a special congregation meeting on April 10, 2005 we and others of a like mind, believing in the Lord Jesus as our Saviour, affirmed and celebrated our resolve to constitute ourselves into a congregational family.

To view a copy of the Constitutation and By-laws, please CLICK HERE or contact the Church office.


Congregational Policies

To view a copy of Church Policies, please CLICK HERE or contact the Church Office.




Glory Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC),

For more information regarding the ELCIC, please go on-line and learn about our National Church at www.elcic.ca.




Glory Lutheran Church's logo, as seen on the opening page to our website, was designed by artist Mike Lee.  The burst of yellow light represents the glory of God, God's glory descends to us through the life of Jesus as depicted by the dove.  The brilliant colors of the dove's feathers also remind us of the flame of the Holy Spirit.  The cross represents Jesus, the Son of God.

"The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us.  We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."  John 1:14


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Meeting at Franklin’s Inn on June 29, 2004, a group of more than 90 very committed and enthusiastic people began making plans for a new ELCIC Lutheran congregation in Sherwood Park. Pastor Phil Hink from the office of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories was there to answer questions and to assist us in our decision making.

A Steering Committee was established, made up of the following people: Linda Jones, Jack Karl, Rudy Kiel, Tim Kihn, Miles Leslie, Neil Querengesser, Emil Senft, Gaylene Sitler and Marjorie Zelent, with Miles Leslie accepting the position of chairperson. Committees were set up to plan the beginning of a new congregation – worship, fellowship, education and property. Initially, this new congregation would be called “Sherwood Park Lutheran Mission Church.” What an exciting time lay ahead, as God began to open doors to new opportunities of growing in faith and unity, and of serving our Lord in Sherwood Park. Our prayer was one of thanksgiving to God, and of seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit each step of the way.

In less than two weeks, on July 11, Sherwood Park Lutheran Mission Church held its first worship service, with over 160 worshippers in attendance at the learning center – Robin Hood School in Sherwood Park. It was truly a service of celebration, with Pastor Holger Madsen leading the service and bringing the message, and a Praise Band leading the singing. The service also included a children’s story, Holy Communion and a choir of about 30 singers, singing “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.” Following the service, a pot-luck picnic was held at the home of Glenn and Edith Sitler, where there was an abundance of food, fun and fellowship!

For the rest of the summer, worship services were held at the Connelly-McKinnley funeral home and the Best Western Hotel. Pulpit supply for this interim period was done mainly by Pastors Holger Madsen and Mel Kornfeld. “Behind the scenes, the Property Committee was working feverishly to find a more permanent home that would meet our needs for worship, education and a variety of congregational programs. Within weeks of securing a space in the lower concourse of the Franklin’s Inn, our sanctuary and office space was gutted, re-wired, re-built, painted, carpeted and furnished for our first service there, on September 12.” (copied from the news letter ”Church Matters) By this time we had also hired an office manager in the person of Marjorie Zelent, who had already put in countless hours on a volunteer basis. We owe a debt of gratitude to the many volunteers who have given so generously of themselves, their time, talents and abilities, on an ongoing basis, to help make this dream become a reality. Above all, we offer a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness to us. To God be all glory and praise!

September was a month of beginnings! On September 5 we were blessed to have Pastor Marvin Krebs begin his ministry as Pastor/Developer of Sherwood Park Lutheran Mission Church. September 12 was another day of celebration as we worshipped in our new home at Franklin’s Inn, feeling that we really were, as the choir sang, “Standing on Holy Ground.” September saw the beginning of Sunday School, Confirmation classes, a women’s weekly Bible study group, a youth group and two choirs which now often come together to form one big choir! Three Praise Bands had actually come together as early as July, to lead the congregational singing each Sunday, joining pianists, instrumentalists and organists in supporting our goal to make each worship service a blend of both contemporary and traditional forms of worship. A “50 Plus” group was started in October. Our congregation was well on its way!

January 16, 2005 – another milestone! Our congregation has a name! Over 40 names were submitted by congregational members. The names were short listed by the Steering Committee and five names were presented to the congregation for a vote. The name chosen by the congregation was Glory Lutheran Church. God has led us to this point, and our faith and hope are in the Almighty and ever-living God, Jesus Christ our Savior, and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Sustainer. We truly say, “To God be the Glory!” On April 10, 2005 a congregational meeting, chaired by Pastor Phil Hink, approved motions that constituted ourselves into a congregation, established a Constitution and By-laws, adopted the Purpose Statement and Guiding Principles, initiated the call process and set the budget for 2005.  An incredible day that will be celebrated April 17 when we will begin signing the Charter. 2006 began with Pastor Tom Peterson commencing his ministry at Glory Lutheran Church.  Installed January 21, Pastor Tom initiated the personal visitation of all congregation members.  During May he was joined by his wife Karen as they finalized their move from Illinois.

A detailed record of our beginnings, Glory Lutheran Church - "The First Four Years," has been written by Neil Querengesser and is available in the Church Office.