Gifts From The Heart

With the Christmas season fast approaching perhaps you might consider giving that special someone a Gift from the Heart, a Gift that changes lives. CLWR and the ELCIC work in effective partnership to foster sustainable development in communities around the world, as well as support for Compassionate Justice
activities right here in Canada. By purchasing these symbolic gifts for family and friends on special occasions, you will be lending your support to this important
development work throughout the coming year and helping make a real difference in the lives of people in need. You can order gifts online, by telephone, or by mail.

Online Ordering:

By Telephone: 1-800-661-2597 OR 204-694-5602 (Credit Card Payment Only)

By Mail: Complete and detach order form found in catalogue.

Gift cards can be ordered along with your gift purchase. The cards, which include a short message about CLWR, will be mailed to your free of charge with space provided on the card to add a personal note to the person you are honoring with your gift before you present it to them.  To ensure gift cards are delivered to you in time for Christmas, please submit your order to CLWR prior to December 5.

Some examples of gifts:

To Help Families Feed Themselves such as a Fishnet, Garden Tools, a Pair of Goats, a Granary, a Treadle Pump, Oxen and a Plough.

Training to provide knowledge for Teachers, Farmers, Business Development, or Vocational Training.

To Preserve Creation such as a Fuel-Efficient Stove, a Grove of Fertilizer Trees, a Solar Lighting Panel.

To Improve Health such as a Medical Kit, Bale of Commodities, Care For A Patient, Water Quality Testing Kit, or a Well which will provide enough potable water for a community of up to 300 people.  These are just a few of the items you can order. 

Please check out the flyers which will be available from the Community Outreach Committee.