GLORY 50 Plus


Glory 50 Plus is a social group that normally meets on the "second last" Friday of each month, September to June. 

Check the event schedule below for the next gathering of Glory 50 Plus. All are welcome to come and participate.

Contact the church office at 780.416.9594 for further information.

Our events schedule includes:

*  December 17 - Christmas Sunday Lunch at Headquarters Restaurant followed by carol singing.

Glory 50 Plus Leaders

President - Carol King

Vice-President - John Hykawy

Secretary - Margaret Prochnau

Treasurer - Gerry Regehr

Sunshine Custodians - Carole Shelstad, Delores Friske

Group Leaders

Group 1 - Carole Shelstad

Group 2 - Eula Regehr

Group 3 - Delores Friske & Margaret Prochnau